Sunday, 26 February 2017

Mods 'n' all that the Art Project - "Loolie at the bench No.1".

Loolie at the bench No.1

2017 and a new project this time I'm feeling it a bit more and I've gone about it in a different way. The painting that you'll see come together here is the third in this series I'm calling Mods 'n' all that. The first painting which has come together as a result of a series of trials and experiments over a number of years as I've worked through the idea and concept is a self portrait. As yet not seen anywhere, but 95% complete. The 2nd painting is a 2nd version of the first self portrait which is probably about 30% complete, but coming along okay. The idea is that I'll finish all three of them by the end of March.

But this blog page is dedicated to...

 "Loolie at the bench No.1" 40cm x 120cm Arylic on canvas.
Prepping the support with a pink colour ground, yesterday.
 After working on some sketches where I was working out the background in relation to the subject I've drawn out a really rough approximation of the pose (Stage #10.
 This evening I've roughed up the basics - so this is stage #2.
This is the bloke I'm painting and combining these images with old images of him when he was 15 - 20 years old, the painting hopefully will be an approximation of him when he was around that age.

Time spent on this so far 5 hours and 30 minutes... research, prep, photo-shoots.

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